GMail Backup 0.98

This is the pre-final release of the GMail Backup tool - the ultimate one-click solution for doing backups of your GMail account. This relase fixes many bugs (Thanks to: alessandro, Alex, smap and others). The most important bug fixed in this release can cause the lost of label assignment during backup and the inability to restore them later. It is recommended to update.

GMail Backup 0.97

This is the pre-final release of the GMail Backup tool. This release comes with many improvements. The most important change is the introduction of nice graphical user interface (GUI). Other changes includes better download and upload resumes of closed connections, it also displays the communication speed with GMail IMAP server. GMail Backup is now the one-click solution for doing backups of your GMail account.

GMail Backup 0.12

This is the bug-fix release of the popular tool for doing GMail Backups. The number of this release is 0.12. We have fixed some errors reported in the forum, so now you can easily open the downloaded .EML files in your e-mail client (bugreport) also with the attachments. Another error with different encoding was also fixed (bugreport).

GMail Backup 0.11

This release of GMail Backup adds no new functionality, but fixes many errors: [1], [2], error on Windows while doing incremental backups and some others.

GMail Backup 0.10

After some days of development we release the 0.10 version of our tool for doing backups of your GMail account.

Gmail Backup 0.09

We have been working hard to prepare our next release of this software numbered 0.09. This release contains a lot of refactoring and adds some new features.

Incremental backup

Downloading all emails from your Gmail Account every time you want to backup your emails would be a nightmare. In this case it comes in hand the incremental downloading feature of email.

Gmail Backup checks all emails in the Gmail Account whether their are already downloaded. If so than it skips them. It only download emails which are not presented in your local copy. However, the checking emails takes time too.

As result, we recommend to specify the date since you want to download emails. For example:

gmail-backup.exe backup backup passwd 20080101

Gmail Backup 0.08

This is the bug-fix release which fixes the error reported here. This error was caused by erroneous Date header in some emails. So now we check the parsed Date header and we trim it for correct values. Thank you for testing.

Your GMail Backup Team

Gmail Backup 0.07

We have just released a bug-fix release of our GMail Backup tool. This release comes with the improved incremental backup feature. We hope that this release fixes the errors reported in these comments. Simply try it and report if something goes wrong.

Your GMail Backup Team

Comment subscription

The new feature for our site. I added support for comments subscription. Now you can (both anonymous as well as registered users) subscribe to comments of given node.

When users, either anonymous or registered, post a comment, they can subscribe to comments follow-ups. Notifications will have a teaser of the node and a link to the comment. Notifications will also have links that will allow the user to unsubscribe.

To subscribe you have to enter a valid email address and activate check box "Notify me of follow-up comments posted here."

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