Gmail Backup 0.06

After some time of development and testing we release the next version of our software for doing the backups of your GMail accounts.

This version was enhanced with the incremental backup feature. With this feature you can continue your interrupted download of emails. It simply looks into the backup directory and if it finds some emails stored there, there are skipped from subsequent backup.

Gmail Backup 0.05

Next release of our popular software. This version should be called "You must try", because we have fixed many bugs in the software, for example backup of emails with missing items in the header or problems on MS Windows due to the bad implementation of socket methods in Python (problems with imaplib and large emails, larger than around 2MB).

Gmail Backup 0.04

The new release of our Gmail backup tools. It now reports every action it performs on the standard output. So you can see how much of your emails if currently saved in your local directory. It also displays percentage of the work that is done.

Gmail Backup 0.03

Shortly after the second release we did the third release of our software for backup of your GMail mailbox. This testing version supports all the translations supported by GMail (because GMail IMAP API uses the localized names for inboxes). If your translation of GMail is not supported (gmail-backup.exe shows the exception) please tell us and we will prepare new release with your language supported.

Why you should backup your GMail account

There is a lot of posts around the internet which refers to the e-mail lost caused by the outage of the service provider. If you are using the GMail, you have to keep in mind that GMail is still marked as BETA (see the small notice bellow the GMail logo). Today I have found this article about the large GMail disaster.

Gmail Backup 0.02

We have released the second version of our tool. It now supports the backup and restore of the GMail labels. Every e-mail is now stored in the *.eml file, so you can open it using your standard mailing client (for example MS Outlook Express built in MS Windows). GMail labels are stored in the *.txt file, so you can change the assignment of the messages to your labels.

Have you ever lost any emails from your Gmail account?

This is quite old story ( but still important. They report that many users lost emails form their Gmail account. What about you?

They recomend to regulary backup emails stored in the Gmail account. I will cite the source:

Gmail users should consider using the service's POP functionality for backup purposes. For those of us that depend on consistent and reliable mail access for business, mail backups are as important as document backups if not more so.



This program is aimed to backup and restore of your GMail mailbox. You will need to activate the IMAP access to your mailbox, to do so, please open your GMail settings and under POP/IMAP tab activate this option.

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