Alternative download sites

We have decided to promote our tool a little bit to get more users and eventually testers. As a result, we published the tool on three sites up to know. The sites are:

We plane to publish our tool on the following sites also:

But it will take some time. ;-)

If you can link to our tool, we would be pleased if you do so.

However, these sites can contain outdated versions of our tool. So, it is always better to check // and chose the latest version available there.

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download links?

you realise that none of your download links actually link to a download. Well the sites do, but I'm not so good at reading check and most people should be wary of randomly clicking on links on web sites that they can't read (just a bad idea).

One site in English was

One site in English was added. Hopefully it helps.

download works

Thanks the link to works great, and the app is working great also.

thank you

thank you

Share this Tool

Nice Tool Thanks for your Work.

I have an question:

Am i allowed to upload the latest version of your Tool to my webspace?
You could than add this Link to your Alternative download sites as an direct Download.


Error: Error while saving e-mail
Ignoring this error message.
If you want, please report the following traceback at
Thanks! ( revision 664):
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "gmb.pyo", line 1199, in backup
File "gmb.pyo", line 930, in store
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'Q:\\GmailBackHP\\2007/10/20071004-210623

What DO For OK............

back up

provide me back up provision


remove my emain account


remove this account


after opening this account I have not been able to recieve any emails

during restore

Network error occured, disconnected
Trying to reconnect (1)

Alternative download site

I'm trying to download Gmail Backup for GNU/Linux without success. Main site is down and the alternative ones don't have *nix version.

Question, is there any other place I can get this software?



application works fine thanks a lot

Why only in english???

We are some few millions speaking non-english languages. It would help obviously a lot for understanding the mecanisms of the gmail backups
to have multilingual versions. Please do it you, extrapowerful Google Company!!!
Thanks in advance