Backup marking messages as read.

First of all thank you for a great tool.

I would like to suggest though that the tool not mark messages as read. I lost all my messages that I wanted to revisit, a lot in folders, now I have no idea what I needed to take a look at again.

Thanks in advance.

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Message unread lost


Same for me. I've lost all my unread messages during backup.

I remember I had 160 unread messages to take into account. Now, I don't know which are them and I've no idea about how to restore them !

Any idea and/or fix ?

need to fix this

Do an IMAP EXAMINE rather than SELECT to that you don't reset read flags!

Do this now!!

Please make a new release with this fixed! it's been over two year since las release and this is really getting on my nerves as I intentionally leave emails unread so that I don't forget them!

Agreed. Backup should NOT modify files, folders or contents.

A backup should never modify the data being backed up. Otherwise it's not a backup. Please either revert or make it an option to backup without modifying the read state of an email. This is a very disappointing discovery in an otherwise great tool.

I (also) agree

Great tool - and would be much better if this bug was fixed. It's a real bother , before every time I backup I have to create a temp label, add all unread email to label, backup, then mark all emails in temp label unread and delete label...
Would be much appreciated if this would be fixed.

For this reason i am now using mailstore

This would be the perfect tool apart from this major flaw in the fact that it marks all mail as read. I wanted a tool that i could set up to backup all my emails simply and be very little work, but this flaw means that it ends up making me more work so i have decided to no longer use it!