Folder empty

I have run Gmail Backup twice, and it claims to have backed everything up. The first time it took a long time and I could see it processing every message in the window. The second time, It skipped over most messages and said something along the lines of "message already backed up" in the window, and then processed the newest messages.

But when I open the directory my emails are allegedly saved, all i see is one 7kb file named "gmail-backup.MO" Hidden files are already set to visible, so that's not it. I just don't seem to actually have my emails on my machine, despite what Gmail Backup claims. Unless I'm missing something here, I can't find my actual backed up messages anywhere.

I have not changed the default backup directory. It is still ".../Program Files/GmailBackup/Messages/da/LC_MESSAGES/" There's just nothing there except one tiny .MO file.

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I have exact the same

I have exact the same problem, can someone help please!

I have the exact problem.

I have the exact problem. Does someone have a solution please???!!!


I was able to see each item as it was being scanned and backed up but there is nothing in the folder.

Program Files/GmailBackup/Messages/da/LC_MESSAGES/" There's just nothing there except one tiny .MO file.

Folder Empty

I have the same problem. Would greatly appreciate a response on this item, not that the question has been open since May of last year....

EXact same problem

It took almost 24 hours to back up the files and claimed that it was successful.

There is nothing but a small mo file and I can't find them elsewhere on my computer.

Please help.

folder has only 1 .mo file

I also have experienced the same, backing nearly 7Gb of mail only to find it's not in the said directory.

Looking back at my other archives i noticed the difference,(whether it is an older version of gmail backup i'll have to check) but i had actually created a folder in the LC_Messages folder. All the .eml mails and attachments were there. So i tried doing the same thing.....shows it's downloading the mails but the new folder is empty also.

Now as I'm scanning (with Avira) i see that the files are there, being scanned one by one. But to search (using pc search engine) on the pc it can't seem to be found.

I see that this thread has been from 2009, hopefully Gmail backup will resolve this issue soon.


reply : folder has only 1 .mo file

Hi, replying my own comment. After futher searching i found that the email DID indeed get backed up. Maybe you guys might either want to;
a) use PC search engine
b) look here C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\GmailBackup\messages\da\LC_MESSAGES
found it all here!!!

I forgot to add that i use win7.