GMail Backup 0.106

This is the next release of the GMail Backup tool - the ultimate one-click solution for doing backups of your GMail account.

Here is the changelog of this version:

  • Filenames now uses only characters allowed by operating systems. It avoids many errors reported in our Forum or directly to us. Thank you for bugreporting!
  • Many other errors were fixed, for example [1], [2] and others.
  • Gmail Backup is now translated into Russian, Dutch and Danish. Special thanks to Alex Kachanov, Lode Vlayen and Lennart Christiansen. Can somebody test these localization? And is there somebody who would like to translate Gmail Backup into his language? Don't hesitate and write us.

This version contains only bugfixes since the last release 0.105. It is strongly recommended to use this version.

IMAP & Gmail Labs note: If you are using the Gmail Labs, please make sure that you have enabled the IMAP access into the All Mails folder. You can check this in the Settings/Labels page of your Gmail account. Otherwise, Gmail Backup will tell you, that you are using "Unsupported language of Gmail"!

Download gmail-backup-0.106.exe


Bug reporting: Please use our forum for reporting bugs and wishes. Thanks!

Linux note: Under Linux you will need the wxPython ( packages installed. It also requires the ctypes module, it should be included in the Python 2.5 distribution. For earlier versions of Python you can find the package in the repositories of your distribution.

Thank your for testing and bug reporting

Your GMail Backup Team

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The old version no longer

The old version no longer working

The old version is no longer

The old version is no longer working



Why not create a pro version?

I sell software, so I am coming from that perspective. This tool is great - I love it. It works, and works well. I had over 30,000 messages and it backed up my account with zero issues.

Why not create a pro version that runs at startup, and backs up your gmail account on a schedule...and maybe even with failure notifications that are emailed. That way I could throw this thing on a server and it would back it up every day. If it failed, I would get an email.

I would pay at least $100 for this.

Hell, I would even write a blog article about it...I like this thing so much. Now that I think about it...I think I will...even for the current version you have.

Think about it. I would much rather see you sell this thing and have a company built around it...and be around in 5 years...instead of seeing the project get left behind because you are busy with something else.

Great work guys. Keep it up

Good work guys!Thanks gerald

Good work guys!Thanks

Installation Error

not able to install the latest (0.106) version, NSIS error

Try 0.107. If you still have

Try 0.107. If you still have any problems, give us more details. Thanks!


Great Job,Congrats.
Attachments with the mail are not backed up,hope you will do something.MS power point says it is not a valid arcive