GMail Backup 0.102

This is the fifth pre-final release of the GMail Backup tool - the ultimate one-click solution for doing backups of your GMail account.

Here is the changelog of this version:

  • This version fixes errors reported in _unicodeHeader() [1, 2, 3].
  • The program also doesn't insist on creating the current.eml file [4].
  • We also removed the 40 day period, described here: [5].
  • The application also doesn't connect "home" every time it runs the backup or restore to check new versions. The GUI version contains the button "New Versions" for checking for new versions of GMail Backup and the command line tool has the "version" command [6].
  • In this version, we also improved support for Windows Vista [7, 8].

It is recommended to upgrade.

Download gmail-backup-0.102.exe


Bug reporting: Please use our forum for reporting bugs and wishes. Thanks!

Linux note: Under Linux you will need the wxPython ( packages installed. It also requires the ctypes module, it should be included in the Python 2.5 distribution. For earlier versions of Python you can find the package in the repositories of your distribution.

Thank your for testing and bug reporting

Your GMail Backup Team

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OSX version of Gmail-Backup?

An OSX version of Gmail-Backup would be very useful.

Meanwhile, we will try the Windows version on a Vista64 system.


Thanks for the hard job, I will test the program in the next days.

Hey that's really a unique

Hey that's really a unique tool but how can i able to download this tool and i am unable to understand the settings that are required for this tool.

fake watches

The GUI version contains the

The GUI version contains the button New Versions for checking for new versions of gMail Backup.It also has better support for Windows Vista and its getting better.
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