Have you ever lost any emails from your Gmail account?

This is quite old story (http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20061230-8524.html) but still important. They report that many users lost emails form their Gmail account. What about you?

They recomend to regulary backup emails stored in the Gmail account. I will cite the source:

Gmail users should consider using the service's POP functionality for backup purposes. For those of us that depend on consistent and reliable mail access for business, mail backups are as important as document backups if not more so.

As you can read here http://www.oreillynet.com/xml/blog/2006/12/gmail_disaster_google_confirm..., even Google advise their own users to backup their emails. So, it is probably better to do it.

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Lost of Mails

This is upset and mental pressure of lost of 4000 mails have been deleted by unknown person, there was no mails in our mail box, i want retrieve this mail it is valuable and official mails which we are used we don't know how to retrieve. The date which we lost as on up to 16.08.2009. And also need to trace the IP Address when it was deleted from which IP ? if any one knows the ideas let us know immediately.

Muneer Ahmed

Backup labels

Is it possible to "Gmail Backup" create new folders, named by labels, and save them in destination folder?

Djordje Dragicevic


i have been loosing emails...and some of them about a job...what can i do?