I want to migrate to a Google Apps Gmail account from standard myalias@gmail.com account. How?

Question details:

I just discovered your Gmail backup/migration utility and it looks useful.

However, I want to use it for a Google Apps Gmail account, bu there is no documentation on how to do this.

Could you please add a few lines to your "Documentation" page to explain how to do this? Some postings in your forum mentioned that people are doing this, but I don't see how.

To clarify, Google Apps mail is when I use Gmail as the mail server but the mail accounts and addresses are attached to my own domain. The account works exactly like any Gmail account, but the domain name is not gmail.com, but something else, and the e-mail address will be, for
example, myalias@mydomain.com

I hope that your utility can do this.

Thank you.



The migration is simple. You have to just download (backup) all emails from your gmail account. And later to restore them to different account (Google Apps).

To download your emails, you probably use email myalias@gmail.com. To upload them to Google Apps, use myalias@mydomain.com email.

Do not forget to use appropriate passwords ;-)

Good luck!