Why you should backup your GMail account

There is a lot of posts around the internet which refers to the e-mail lost caused by the outage of the service provider. If you are using the GMail, you have to keep in mind that GMail is still marked as BETA (see the small notice bellow the GMail logo). Today I have found this article about the large GMail disaster. To protect against this large lost of your e-mails, you can use automatic e-mail forwarding to another service provider, but it is not very convenient. To overcome some limitations of the "forwarding" approach, we have developed a new tool, so you can make the full or partially backup of your GMail account. With the GMail backup tool you can also migrate your GMail account, because we use the standard e-mail formats. You can also change your GMail e-mail address by doing the backup of your existing account, then creating the new account and then restoring the saved content into the new mailbox.

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A very useful tool

Recently, I faced a issue with Gmail and couldn't access it for over 3 hours. I do not know if the issue was with something I did or a system glitch. But access my emails, I couldn't. If I knew about this tool then, I could have saved a lot of my time and headaches.

Thanks for developing this wonderful tool.

i dont think that i must

i dont think that i must backup my gmail account i have 17 google acconts and dont have good messages on it


Very good joke :D ,anonymous. I wonder what kind of good messages he expected.