GMail Backup 0.103

This is the sixth pre-final release of the GMail Backup tool - the ultimate one-click solution for doing backups of your GMail account.

Here is the changelog of this version:

  • Due to my mistake, the 0.102 version still contained the 40 days period, so we fixed it and the new version is really 40-days-period free! [1]
  • Starting with this version you can specify the date range to restore. Simply specify the dates in "Since date" and "Before date" GUI fields and run "Restore". If you want to do a full restore, simply check the "Newest emails only" checkbox and click the "Restore". If you are using the command-line version, simply use

    gmail-backup.exe restore dir password 20070621 20080101

    where the dates specifies the since_date and before_date options.

    Can somebody here do a thorough test of this feature?

  • The reported OverflowError should be fixed. [2].
  • We added the "local" exception checks. If the error occur in the code that parses the email, it only prints the traceback and continues with processing of the rest.
  • We use UTF-8 encoded labels in labels.txt. If you have labels with non-ASCII characters, you should do a full backup!

It is very recommended to upgrade.

Download gmail-backup-0.103.exe


Bug reporting: Please use our forum for reporting bugs and wishes. Thanks!

Linux note: Under Linux you will need the wxPython ( packages installed. It also requires the ctypes module, it should be included in the Python 2.5 distribution. For earlier versions of Python you can find the package in the repositories of your distribution.

Thank your for testing and bug reporting

Your GMail Backup Team

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Backup labels


I'm using a gmail-backup to transfer mails form gmail to google apps, but my labels don't be restored in the google apps. It's a bug? In my cases in the log, it show me a message saying "Restoring Labels" from 1% to 100% but not be restored. How to proceed in this case?

I'm a brazilian, reason to my bad bad english words! :)

Download link

Where is the download link? I can't find it on the page.

Oops. Found download link

Oops. Found download link in the middle of the page. Might be a good idea to have a nice big button to download the software from, for idiots like me.


That or you need to slow

That or you need to slow down a little and read everything on the page instead of skimming through, you never know you might miss something important.roulette onlinepoker sitesblackjack onlinevideo poker onlinebootleg movies

DLL Error

I am having and issue running this. Any idea's?

"The dynamic link library gdplus.dll could not be found in the specified path C:\Progam Files\GmailBackup;,;C:\WINNT\system32;c:\WINNT\system;C:\WINNT;C:\WINNT\system32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\jZip."

I have a screen shot of the error if anyone wants it to trouble shoot...


Hi, do you use the latest

Hi, do you use the latest version 0.104? What windows do you use? Thanks, Filip

Once again :-) Please send

Once again :-) Please send us the screenshot. Filip

DLL Error

I tried the latest version and the .103 as well and got the same issue. Windows 2000 Pro sp4 is what I am running. Can I have and e-mail address to send the screen shot to?