Lost read marks

After doing backup with gmail backup, all my emails are marked as read.

I suppose google has changed something, because I am doing backup of several accounts without problems for more than a month.

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Same problem here for a few

Same problem here for a few days...


I can confirm it is happening on a google apps account.

Is gmail-backup even actively being developed anymore?

all email showing as being

all email showing as being read
OK, I freaked out... because all my email showed up as being read now all of a sudden. So now I have no idea how to undo this (I really liked to keep my emails that I haven't actually read as UNREAD), but apparently when I use GMAIL BACKUP, it marks ALL email as read immediately after the email is backed up. Can I please undo this? Someone???

Same thing here too! Some

Same thing here too!
Some feedback?

Same here :( I doubt you can

Same here :(

I doubt you can undo this, there is nothing in the .eml that indicates the read/unread state of the message and at google this info is obviously lost.

I hope we will get at least some feedback from Gmail Backup developers with explanations and schedule for the bugfix.

Cause by Imap change

Google made a change to the IMAP implementation to fix a long-standing bug a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, clients/tools/utilities that aren't using IMAP correctly now end up marking downloaded messages as read. It's up to each such utility (like Gmail-Backup) to fix their IMAP commands to properly download without marking as read.

I know the protocol change has been talked about in the Gmail help forum, but I can't seem to find the post right now.

Bottom line: Gmail-Backup will need to be fixed and a new version distributed to solve the problem.


I have been having the same problem...

For several days now I have been noticing emails that are marked as read that I know I haven't read before. It has been happening over the last couple of days and I was getting a little paranoid and angry b/c I thought maybe my wife was looking at my email or something, not that I have anything to hide but it is just the principle.

I have my gmail backup batch file running at 3am every night. So any email that came in from basically my bed time of about 9:30 or 10pm that I didn't check is getting marked as read at 3am. Any emails after that are showing up as new.

thread on google support

There is a thread on the google if you search google imap marking items are read that confirms the last comment

Suggested solution

The problem is in getmail I think. It uses the old FETCH syntax, which is equivalent to FETCH BODY[], and marks the messages read. Please use the modern syntax FETCH BODY.PEEK[], so the messages do not get marked read.

Why don't you guys fix this?

This site has been abandoned

This site has been abandoned, it seems. Nothing posted by developers for more than a year. No fixes. Nothing. Guess that's life. Pity!

PEEK bug

I am trying to reach one of the 2 persons that implemented this - useful - tool.
I will let you know if I get any luck.

Same issue for me as well.

Same issue for me as well.

And me

GMail Backup is a great little utility, is the source available at all?

Time to move on

I've been having this problem like everyone else and just tied it back to Gmail Backup. I guess I've got to find another tool to do my backups. This bug is destroying my productivity.


This is the easiest way that I can find:
1/ Type is:unread into the Search box to select only your unread email.
2/ Select all and apply a label, e.g. unread prior to backup
3/ Backup
4/ Search for your label, select all and Mark as Unread.

All improvements welcome!