Sent Items

Very happy with this app -- just used it to migrate from an address to an apps domain.

In trying to understand if all email was migrated, I started digging into various areas of the new account. I was very surprised to see that Sent Items from the source account were not restored into the target account.

Is there some specific option I must specify to backup/restore Sent Items?

Thank you!

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Sent items not restored


Can someone confirm whether or not Sent Mail is backed up and restored? I am in the middle of transferring from a Gmail account to an Apps account, but the Sent Items seem to be missing.

It looks like they are

It looks like they are restored, but not into the Sent Items (I've checked a couple of emails). Is there any reason for this?

Another issue:

I've been splitting my emails up into years (2006, 2007, etc). At the end of each restore, I get an error:

Restoring labels, 100.0%
Network error occured, disconnected
Trying to reconnect (1)

...and this goes on until I click on Stop.

So, it seems to have completed the labels OK, but is this error a bug? Does anyone else get this?

sent items missing

I can confirm that sent items downloaded via do not appear in the sent items folder when uploaded as

I suspect the sent items requires the "from" address to match the the new email, but in fact matches the old "from" address.

The good news is that the items ARE uploaded and are part of "all" mail.

It is probably possible to write a little script that replaces all occurences of "" with "" which may get them into the correct place. (It would also be possible to modify gmail-backup code to perform this modification on-the-fly as an option.)

However, rather than change history, I'm instead going to do the following:

In my old gmail, before running gmail-backup, I'm creating a "migrated" label and assigning it to EVERY message. (This is something that the google "pro" migration does.)
Secondly, I'm going to create a "Prior Sent Items" label and assign it to all my sent items.
They won't be in the correct place, but will be easily searchable by label.

sent items missing

This is still a problem.
If I create a "Prior Sent Items", it applies to CONVERSATIONS, not the messages themselves.
Filtering the messages to switch from old email address to new email address makes gmail look a bit cleaner, but Sent Mail is still not put in sent mail.

No joy in restoring sent mail.

in Labels.txt there is no entry with "sent" label

Hello, just finished backuping of my gmail account for 2007 year. Well done, and created labels.txt. But there are only messages with INBOX label... Why there is no message with SENT label???


possible fix

I had the same problem reported in this thread. Under Settings > Accounts, I added my old address (the source account) as a "Send mail as:" and magically all of the sent mail was restored to the appropriate location.

This problem is a result of

This problem is a result of the folders vs. labels system in Gmail. IMAP access to gmail treats labels as folders, and instead of downloading the email from all folders (which can result in huge amount of duplicates if you often use multiple labels for the same conversation) it just downloads the copy from the All Mails folder which includes all emails including the sent copy, but then later doesn't differentiate the real source.

I did this and it worked -

I did this and it worked - all the previously sent emails from the other account showed up.

Not exactly the best solution, but it must be looking at the originating email as the sender or something similar to that.


Thanks for the advice buddy

sent items mail backup

how to get sent mail backup on my computer.

This is probably due to the "/" in "[GMail]/Sent Mail"

As far as IMAP is concerned Sent Mail is in the folder "[GMail]/Sent Mail". Because there is a "/" in the name, gmail backup cannot handle it.

But yes, the messages are not missing, just not labeled with "Sent Mail"

Workaround: Create a "Sent" label

In the case of needing to do a restore, after restoring all mail, use Thunderbird or Outlook or another IMAP client to copy all mail in your "Sent" label into "Sent Mail"

I made the comment 6 that

I made the comment 6 that advised and it worked for me.
Maybe not the best solution but it works.